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GYPTEC Ibérica, S.A. has a commitment towards continuous improvement and pollution prevention based on the following principles:
          1. Compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and other underwritten requirements regarding its environmental aspects and impacts;
          2. Evaluate and monitor all activities and analyse / identify significant environmental aspects and impacts;
          3. Implement measures to prevent, minimize or eliminate significant environmental aspects and impacts, namely through:

         - Reduced consumption (water, electricity, fossil fuels and raw materials);
          - Reduced waste production;
          - Packaging and proper routing of all waste produced;
          - Reduced soil, air and water line contamination;
          - Reduced noise emissions;

          4. Consider the environmental aspects and impacts of future activities to be undertaken;
          5. Contribute to improving quality of life, looking for continuous improvement in the environmental performance of its activities, by establishing periodic reviews of goals and targets aimed at minimizing / eliminating significant environmental aspects and impacts;
          6. Prevent and reduce the risks of pollutant emissions in case of accidents;
          7. Cooperate with public authorities to reduce environmental risks and to minimize impacts, through the use of appropriate technologies;
         8. Accept responsibility for any damage to the environment directly caused by its activities, and stand ready to take steps to minimize / eliminate the aspects and impacts related to such damage;
          9. Promote training and environmental awareness programs for all employees and service providers;
          10. Inform its customers and suppliers about significant environmental aspects and impacts arising from their activities, products and services;
          11. Provide environmental information to the public and foster dialogue with the outside world, including situations of external complaints;
          12. Ensure that subcontractors engaged in the organization's activities comply with the company's environmental standards and procedures.
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